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6 Gift Ideas To Go With The Refurbished Laptop You're Getting Your Teen For Their Birthday

So, your teen wants a laptop for their birthday, and you've decided to get them a refurbished one huh? This is a smart move because you're saving yourself up to 30 percent and your teen is getting a product that's like-new, without any dings or malfunctions to worry about. You may be wondering what kinds of accessories would pair well with the laptop your teen is getting – here are a few options that they're sure to appreciate:

A Recovery Disk

Possibly the most important laptop accessory you can get your teen as part of their birthday gift is a recovery disk. Your teen may find themselves with a laptop that doesn't work correctly due to a virus or corrupted information, and without a recovery disk, they'll have no way to fix it unless they can afford to take it to a professional. They can keep their disk in a safe place at home and clean the laptop's slate anytime it becomes necessary.

A Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

The compact size of a laptop is convenient for travel and on-the-go lifestyles, but it can be uncomfortable to try and use its built-in keyboard and mouse for long periods of time, especially when studying or writing a paper for school. So, consider bestowing your teen with a wireless mouse and foldable keyboard that they can take out and quickly set up whether at home, a friend's house, or the library.

A New Laptop Skin

Presenting your teen with a new laptop skin will give them an opportunity to show off their personality while protecting the exterior shell of their computer. Instead of picking a skin out for them, find an online outlet that specializes in customizing them and give them a gift certificate to the outlet so they can have a skin specially made based on their personal interests.

A Carrying Bag

Your teen will need something to carry their laptop around in, and if they're stuck putting it in their backpack or carrying it around in hand, the chance of it getting battered or even broken increases. Buy them a carrying bag that is designed specifically for laptops, so it fits snugly inside. The bag should have a strap for carrying over the shoulder and feature a pocket that will fit a few personal belongings in it.

A Cooling Pad

To keep your teen's laptop in optimal running condition and to take some pressure off its internal cooling fan, buy them a cooling pad to use whenever the computer gets turned on. Some cooling pads are compact enough to fit in a bag and sit directly on a table or floor. Others have little legs that can be adjusted to create a tilt that makes it easy to set up an ergonomic workstation. Choose the option that will likely best fit your teen's lifestyle. If they'll be using their laptop mostly at home, and adjustable pad with legs would probably be a good option. A compact pad is your best bet if they'll be using their laptop on the go.

An External Hard Drive

Even if the laptop you're giving your teen comes with a 2-terabyte hard drive built into it, the chances are that it will get filled up with photos, videos, and other content quickly. Make sure your teen has plenty of storage for their files by providing them with an external hard drive with their laptop. Choose a hard drive that fits in the palm of your hand, and that is made of durable materials that will protect it if it gets dropped.

Any one of these gift ideas would be an excellent accompaniment to the refurbished laptop you're getting your teen for their birthday.