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Safe Tips For Remembering Your Passwords

From your smartphone to your personal email, to your Wi-Fi router to your work computer – you probably have more passwords than you can even begin to remember. As an important barrier between your personal information and the outside world, keeping track of your passwords is a task, but an important one to complete. Failing to keep track of your passwords can keep you from accessing your own information and even opens the door to thieves. Here are just some of the things you can do to remember your passwords, safely.

Create An Algorithm

Consider creating an algorithm for your passwords based on the type of program you are trying to access, such as one algorithm for banking and another for email accounts.

For instance, for banking passwords, the algorithm could consist of your age when you first got your driver's license, your pet's name, and the first letter of your child's name. At the end of the password, you include the first letter of the site you're trying to access. With this idea, similar site passwords are consistent, making it easier for you to remember.

Write Them Down

Another thing you can do to remember your passwords is to write them down, but probably not in the same sense you're thinking. Instead of simply writing the password down as is, you can break the passwords up.

For instance, for your email password, you could write one part of it on one page in your planner and the other half on another page. When you don't remember the password, you will remember to access the planner, but someone simply looking at the planner won't understand what it means, which can help keep it more secure.  

Invest In A Manager Program

One of the most secure ways to keep track of your passwords is to invest in a secure password manager program. These programs generally work as somewhat of a virtual file cabinet that allows you to store all your passwords in a single place.

Generally available as a software or application style program, they keep a record of your passwords based on the particular website or application that you are trying to access. In turn, all these passwords are protected with a single password. With this option, you only need to remember one password, which is easier than remembering passwords for several applications.

While remembering your passwords is important, keeping them safe is even more important. Make sure you're relying on the safest method to protect your passwords.