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Four Things You Want Built Into Your Software For An Online Store

Running an online company for goods is now one of the ways that most people start out their business. If you have your own business where you sell products, one of your most valuable assets will be your website. A good website will be easy for customers to flip through and order from. From the customer's point of view, website layouts should be visually attractive, easy to navigate, and as informative as possible. On the backend, you need different things for your website. Here are four different backend items you need when having your website software built. 

The ability to draft up mailing labels

If you ship out products, shipping times will often be paramount for customer service. In order to make shipping easier on your business, the backend of your website should make it possible to print out postal labels. This may have to be built by a software service through integration of one or more postal company links. Having a labeling and shipping system implemented into the backend will mean that you can dispatch products easily and quickly. 

Track customer spending

When it comes to business, it pays to reward your loyal customers. You can reward customers who spend a lot of money at your store or put in orders often by tracking each customer. Have the backend of your store software assign each customer with a particular identification number. This way, if you implement a customer loyalty program, you know just how much each person has spent and what they are entitled to automatically. You will also be able to access the customer spending information if you plan to have a party or sales event and wish to invite your best customers. 

Ability to update stock

If your stock can ebb and flow, you need to be able to update the backend on exactly how much of each product you have. Being able to cut off ordering when you are out of a specific product is a good form of customer service. Have your software service install the ability to update the amount of stock that you have for each item and black out the ability to order any product that you do not have in stock. 

Payment processing authorization

In the age of constant hacking and credit card fraud, it is necessary to be able to check on your payment authorization systems on a regular basis. If any odd orders go through, you want to be able to access the system to determine if there is a problem with the payment. Your payment system should also let you know if there are any red flags with any order. Being able to access your payment system will also allow you to offer split payment if a customer wants to create a large order. 

For more information on backend options and other things you should have on your website, contact a professional software service, such as Advanced Business Systems.