Hiring A Professional Computer Repairman

The Pros And Cons Of Using An IT-Managed Service Provider For Your Business

If you have a small or mid-sized business, you may not need to hire a dedicated IT professional for your office. There simply may not be enough work to go around. However, many offices still need help installing new software, monitoring their employees computer usage and fixing computer, software and internet issues. If this is the case, you can outsource IT needs to an IT professional as needed or hire an IT managed service provider. Learning the pros and cons of hiring an IT Managed service provider will help you decide if it is ideal for you. Here are a couple of those pros and cons.

Cons of Hiring an IT-Managed Service Provider

  • You Pay a Monthly Fee for Service

One of the downsides to using an IT-managed service provider, or MSP, is that you pay a monthly fee for their services. In contrast, if you were simply to outsource your IT needs to a professional, you would only pay for the calls you made and time the professional spent helping you. Some companies do not like paying a flat monthly fee, especially if they do not feel they use the service often.

  • You're Trusting an Outside Company with Your Business Information

The other disadvantage to an IT MSP is that you are trusting an outside company with your business information. If you hired an employee, you could have them sign a non-disclosure agreement, agreeing that they will not give away your company's secrets. This is much harder to do when you use an outside business, as you no longer control who can see your company's information, client list, financial information and other details stored in your computer files.

Pros of Hiring an IT-Managed Service Provider

  • You Have a Manager Who Gets to Know You and Your Business

One of the upsides to using an IT-managed service provider is that most MSP companies will offer you an account manager. When you outsource your IT needs to an IT specialist, you often call in to a call center, and may get a different representative every time. When you use an IT MSP, you should be able to speak to the same person frequently.

  • IT-Managed Services Take a Proactive Approach to Your IT Needs

The other benefit to using an IT-managed service provider like Sherman Consulting Services is that the managed services take a proactive approach to your IT needs, compared to outsourcing your IT needs to an IT professional. These professionals typically take a reactive approach, only helping you when you call in with a problem. The IT MSP looks at your IT needs on a monthly basis and ensures they are up-to-date and being handled properly. This helps to ward off any issues before they develop.

Deciding how to handle your IT needs can be tricky for small- to medium-sized businesses. Taking the time to learn the pros and cons of IT-managed service providers can help you decide if this is ideal for your company.