Hiring A Professional Computer Repairman

Getting Technical Support Without Calling Random Techs

For technical support, residential customers are often stuck between the consolidated tech support services from retail chains or contacting a neighborhood tech. Businesses -- especially small businesses -- lose a lot of money if they aren't able to secure a dedicated tech team, but depending on the level of technical assistance needed, you may not need to hire a full-time technical support team. Here are a few targeted Information Technology (IT) help desk service options to help you get a good fit for your company's tech needs.

Remote Support For Most Basic Needs

Many businesses only use technology to replace administrative tasks. Computer failure mostly means losing productivity from a system failing, or losing data if storage drives can't be recovered. Employees could technically move to another computer to get their work done without needing specialized hardware or difficult to install software.

This means that repairs are straightforward for technicians. It may still be too involved or time-consuming for employees with non-IT tasks, but remote support technicians can perform most repair, installation, and configuration changes that can be done with a mouse and keyboard.

Remote technology allows technicians to connect to a computer across a network, namely the internet. By establishing a connection, a technician in Seattle can connect to a business computer in Atlanta with permission, then use their own mouse and keyboard to control the ailing system.

The technology that makes it work can be complex, but the end result is simple. Your mouse and keyboard are connected to the computer with a cable or wireless device. Remote support simply replaces that cable with the internet. In the end, it's all signals received by the computer to produce a mouse click or key press.

Field Service Technicians For The Physical Tasks

There are times where a card needs to be physically added or removed, or a printer cable needs to be checked. In some cases, it's simple enough to ask a tech-savvy, but not quite IT-proficient employee to follow instructions over the phone or through email. If you need someone to visit, that can be arranged.

IT help desk companies can recruit, interview, and brief local technicians to get the job done. In this form, a remote support company is like a quality control service that connects you to local technicians who can perform certain tasks. This often works out for everyone, as you maintain a business relationship with the remote support company while the field service technician enjoys professional flexibility with multiple clients.

If you hire an IT help desk company for an extremely complex project, such as a data center management team or a design team for a new type of system, it's best to keep the same technicians working on the project. Sending the remote technicians that you've worked with in the past to your physical location is possible, and any kind of physical visit can be done with identity verification.

Contact an IT help desk professional to discuss different services and flexible options for supporting your company's tech needs.