Hiring A Professional Computer Repairman

How To Inform Your Employer About The Invaluable Cyber Security Skills You'll Bring

If you have recently graduated from college and are interested in starting a cybersecurity career, you should not only consider applying for large firms but small businesses as well. Contrary to popular belief, criminals will attempt to hack any business, including small and obscure businesses. If a company is not informed about why they need a cybersecurity expert on their team, there are several ways you can promote yourself.

It Takes More Than Great Tech

Cybersecurity requires more than simply purchasing the right technology and implementing it into your server. Without the right processes and people in place, your company's data will not be secure. For example, some companies will install an antivirus software and expect it to protect them from viruses. However, antivirus software will not protect against more sophisticated threats.

Routine Testing Required

To make sure that the company you serve has adequate security, you must engage in routine security testing. Automated vulnerability scanning is one part of this job, but you will also be needed to regularly perform deep-dive penetration testing.

You Must Sniff Out Intruders

Hackers will often penetrate your border defenses. When this occurs, they will try to acquire privileges that will allow them to disguise themselves as trusted users. For this reason, your employer will need to hire you if you have a strong understanding of the indicators of compromise that will allow you to identify an intruder.

Cyber attacks can be difficult to identify. Even when an attack is identified, it can be difficult to know what was compromised. Smaller attacks can be prolonged more so than larger attacks, which can lead to a larger quantity of data being stolen over time. When there are early symptoms of an attack, you will be needed to perform an investigation.

Help Your Employer Enforce Security Best Practices

Even the best cybersecurity professional is not able to stop security breaches without the help of other staff members. For this reason, you will need to train staff members to make sure that they handle data in a manner that will not compromise security. For example, security breaches sometimes occur when an unsecured device is brought into the company and used to access a network or a staff member might lose a mobile device that contains a password that can then be used to access a database. Since you will be responsible for any security breaches that occur, you must make sure that the rest of the company uses best practices.