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Why Your Start-Up Business Needs Secure Internet Hosted Desktop

It is increasingly becoming economically sensible and convenient to detach work from one locality and device. A secure hosted internet desktop enables you to access your computer files from any location and device. The files are hosted on a remote server. You can log in and log out just like using your usual computer. The host installs the software apps you need and bills you for access, depending on your chosen payment plan. This arrangement is beneficial for a small business for several reasons:

24/7 Access 

If you are constantly on the move doing marketing or sourcing for supplies, you need access to your office files from wherever you are. Secure internet-hosted desktop solutions are accessible over the internet, which gives you a lot of flexibility. You can work from home or on the road. 

There is also improved productivity with remote access. People don't have to keep walking back to their computers for reference. For example, you can access product information from your tablet as you walk potential clients around the showroom.

Better Scalability 

When you have a rapidly growing business, you may need to add hardware for new hires. But this hard investment could be misplaced in case the growth is temporary. You are stuck with equipment that you don't need.

Using a secure hosted internet desktop helps you scale up your business activities quickly and without too much investment in hardware. Your new hires can bring their own devices. All you need is to ask the desktop host to install new remote desktops. The new hires can also work remotely, further cutting on setup time and costs. Down-scaling is as simple as deleting the desktops you no longer need.

Better Data Security and Compliance 

Many small businesses suffer security breaches because there is little cybersecurity expertise. Compliance with data privacy laws also lacks because of ignorance. It could leave your small business exposed to legal and financial risks.

When using secure internet-hosted desktop solutions, you leave data security and compliance to the host. They have the technical skills and resources to implement top-notch data security and data compliance with privacy laws such as the GDPR and HIPAA.

Lower IT and Office Expenditures 

There are fewer hardware costs when using a secure internet-hosted desktop. You also spend less on office overheads because you can set up remote working. There is also a big advantage of hiring from across the world, in places where IT labor is cheaper. 

Are you looking for ways to improve IT productivity affordably? Talk to a secure internet-hosted desktop solutions provider for workable options.