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Why Select Cable TV Over Satellite TV

Are you looking for a way to get live TV back into your home, and you are undecided about if you should go with cable or satellite TV? If so, it will help to know some of the advantages of going with cable. 

No Signal Fade Issues

One of the biggest downfalls of satellite television is a problem known as signal fade. This is when the signal cuts out when it rains, which is due to the signal from the satellite having trouble going through water. It's a problem that has improved over the years with satellite TV, but it still hasn't gone away completely. With cable TV, this is never going to be a problem, since the signal is transmitted to your home over a cable. The only time that your service would go out is if that cable is physically damaged and needs to be repaired, which is far less likely compared to how often it rains.

No Internet Required

You may not realize that high-speed Internet is required these days for satellite TV to take full advantage of their services. That is because all of the on-demand content is not transmitted over the satellite but streamed through the Internet. If you do not have high-speed Internet in your area, or just use your phone, then you are missing out on a lot of what you are paying for with satellite TV. With cable, the on-demand content is transmitted through the physical cable going into your home, which is shared with the Internet. There is no need to subscribe to an Internet service to get that on-demand content because of this.

Bundling Options Available

For those that do have Internet and want television service, know that you are going to find bundled packages through your cable provider since they typically offer both services. Your satellite TV provider may not have an Internet provider they partner with that's in your area, meaning that you will pay for two separate bills. Bundling services is a great way to save money, and you may prefer going through a provider that has Internet and TV services. 

More Local Channels

While a satellite TV provider may have the basics when it comes to local channels, it is not going to have all of them. You'll have NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, but you'll be missing out on community channels, public access, and things of that nature. If you want all your locals then you better go with cable. Reach out to a cable TV provider in your area.