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Three Tips for Replacing the Screen on Your Smartphone

Do you have a cracked screen on your smartphone that you want to fix, but are trying to save money by doing the repair yourself? If this is the case, it will help to know the following three tips that can help you get the job done.

Buy The Right Tools

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to opening up your phone is that it requires a lot of specialized tools. Thankfully, it is easy to track down the tools that you need. You can often search the name of the phone you have online to find a set of all the small pentalobe screwdrivers and prying tools that you need to open up your phone. Even though you'll likely use these tools one time, it's necessary for removing those tiny screws.

Fully Discharge the Battery

It's may want to fully discharge your battery before you proceed with screen replacement. It is a small safety precaution that you can take to ensure that you will avoid being shocked when touching the inside components with metal tools. In addition, discharging the battery may help you with properly shutting down the phone if it's not working correctly. 

Break the Seal Around the Phone

Modern smartphones have a seal around the entire phone that is designed to prevent the phone from being damaged by water. This seal needs to be broken if you want to remove the screen from the phone for a replacement. Your tool kit should have come with a prying tool that is designed for slipping into that small gap and breaking the seal. Don't use a knife to do this part of the job, since the prying tools supplied typically do not allow you to stick the tool in further than necessary. This helps prevent you from breaking something on the inside. 

There is also a tool that you can purchase that is designed to melt the glue that forms the seal. These heating pads can be put in the microwave, and then placed on the edges of the phone. It provides enough heat to make breaking the seal easier. 

Do you not feel confident that you can replace your phone's screen on your own? Take your phone to a local business that specializes in iPhone screen replacement, since they have the parts, tools, and experience to make sure that this task is done quickly and correctly.